He earned his B.F.A. in dance and choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007. Then in 2010, under the guidance of Pilates and anatomy guru, Kelly Kane, he received his Pilates Mat and Equipment certifications from The Kane School of Core Integration. Most recently Travis earned his Thai Yoga Massage certification from Sukha Wong at the Lotus Palm Institute in Montreal, Canada. Working professionally as a dancer in Berlin, Travis initially came to Pilates as a form of cross training while touring and later developed a love for the practice while attending mat classes at The Kane School. Since then he has developed a desire to share benefits of Pilates to those who seek it out. After working in the luxury gym setting of Equinox Printing House, Travis decided to move his teaching practice into more holistic environments and has since developed a small practice functioning out of Studio 26 in Chelsea, and now in Bushwick with Manifest Bodyworks.

He believes that Pilates is one of the smartest ways one can build functional strength, which in turn, will only make your body easier to live in. Therefore his classes and sessions tend toward an athletic approach while helping one understand how to efficiently move and connect with your own anatomical structure. He believes helping one understand their own anatomy is key to helping them also understand their weaknesses, which he will focus on and make you work! His clients have ranged from healthy 22 year old athletes to 62 year young grandparents in recovery from multiple surgeries. He has helped clients with conditions such as disc herniations, frozen shoulder, osteoporosis, pelvic floor issues, hyper mobility, arthritis, nerve impingement, bursitis, various injuries and healthy people who come to Pilates for fitness. He also enjoys traveling in his spare time and is an Aries with Gemini rising.


Having sustained several injuries as a competitive horseback rider and professional dancer, Georgia came to Pilates as a means to heal her body and its imbalances. At the encouragement of a good friend, she has gone on to receive her anatomy, mat and equipment certification through The Kane School of Core Integration, and has been accepted into the kinectED Residency Program.

Sessions with Georgia emphasize the importance of proper biomechanics and quiet focus in building a strong, connected, and responsive body. She believes in Pilates as an athletic healing modality, giving people the tools they need to exercise without injury and/or overexertion in a body positive and encouraging environment. Clients include people living with a wide array of chronic issues, those hoping to establish a reconnection to their bodies post-trauma or injury, and athletes of all sorts wishing to prevent injury and strengthen their fitness routine.  Empathic and bold, Georgia is a Cancer, Cancer rising with a Leo Moon. 



Georgia received her B.F.A in Theatre from New York University. Her education had an emphasis on dance and experimental theatre and she has always approached her work as an actor from a physical point of view.  After working as professional actor for many years Georgia came to Pilates as a way to better understand her body and relationship to space.  She received her certification in Pilates Mat from The Kane School of Core Integration in the summer of 2016. Georgia is currently training with The Kane School towards receiving her Equipment Certification while apprenticing with Manifest Bodyworks.

Georgia believes knowledge is power. She approaches teaching with a strong emphasis on anatomy and correct biomechanics all the while creating a space to explore and have fun! She has worked with a wide array of clients ranging in age, and physical backgrounds. Her desire for her clients is to help them better understand their bodies and enjoy a strengthening and invigorating workout.  When not teaching, Georgia can be seen on stage and screen and is also a well known Burlesque dancer in NYC and beyond. She is a Virgo, Libra rising with a Gemini moon.



After a decade producing websites and apps, Lauren felt called to the healing arts. Upon receiving Reiki treatments herself, she felt a lightness and connectivity to her Higher Self - and wanted to share that with others. Her Reiki education includes studying and receiving Level I and II attunements, under two great Reiki Masters: Rebecca McGeever and Lara Elliott in the Tera-Mai Seichem and Usui Shiku Ryoho lineages. In each healing session, Lauren works to restore balance for her clients, by integrating intuition, light touch, Reiki, essential oils, crystals and sound. She also loves to read, travel and hang out with animals, especially her German Shepherd Ellie.




After 20 years as a woodworker, Leif decided to change careers and pursue his love for massage. After graduating from the Swedish Institute in 2014 he started exploring multiple modalities of massage such as Myofascial release, a technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue to help release restrictions, eliminate pain and restore range of motion. A typical massage with Leif will incorporate a postural assessment and variety of massage techniques such as deep tissue, Myofascial release, Trigger Point Therapy, rolling and stretching techniques for certain injuries or limited movement areas. His clientele includes musicians, dancers, athletes, and people with chronic pain. Leif loves the reward of helping others, either through relieving their pain issues or helping them achieve their health goals.